Combine video, audio,
and POS data with LiveCam

A core module of LiveWatch Central, LiveCam links software and hardware together to integrate a variety of features such as Point of Sale, Voice over IP, Cloud Space, etc., to bring you live video and audio from an unlimited amount of locations, all with a simple click. LiveCam strives to be your eyes and ears so you can operate your business smoothly.

One platform, many software integrations

POS Integration

View any of your POS transactions synced with camera footage in our playback mode, or watch live transactions as it happens.

License Plate Recognition

Our technology automatically scans license plate information via our license plate cameras for your digital records. Gone are the days of blurry license plates.


Audio is automatically recorded for video playback, or listen live whenever you’d like.

Cloud Space

Don’t lose track of your original clips. Your clips live in our cloud, allowing you to share selected clips via email or download with law enforcement or necessary parties.


Control manually or set up an automatic zoom to video motion triggered zones for better video images.

Web-based Access

Out of town or simply don’t want to take a trip to your site? Manage an unlimited number of systems, devices, and locations via mobile or web wherever you are.

The LiveCam POS Interface

For C-stores, the LiveCam POS Interface is critical towards your operations. With the intuitive interface, find the footage and POS data you need quickly, while keeping track of cashier trends to ensure sweetheart deals and internal theft no longer happens. Protecting your business has never been easier.

Intuitive Interface

Don’t spend hours scrambling to find the right footage when you need it. The POS Interface allows you to easily search for the footage you need. POS data is captured in real time and linked to camera footage.

Loss Prevention

Catch bad behavior before it becomes a major issue. Keep track of cashier performance via POS data trends. Get to know individual work behavior for evidence when you need it.

Return on Investment

With our technology, catch sweetheart deals and internal theft quickly. All the evidence you need is in your data. The POS interface is designed to protect your bottom line.